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20 July 2022

The public is #WithNHSStaff for fair pay

This week the government have finally announced the pay award for NHS staff. It comes a full 109 days after it was due. And well short of what was needed. A missed chance to save the NHS Ministers have missed a chance to invest in the future, and start to turn the NHS around. They’ve

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20 July 2022

What is the outcome of the NHS pay review process?

The government has announced (19 July) a flat rate pay increase of £1400 for NHS staff in England, backdated to 1st April. Those at the top of band 6 and all of band 7 will receive a slightly higher amount, equivalent to 4%. With inflation at 9.4% in the year to June, the award equates

29 June 2022

Politicians hold the cards on pay

If the media has agreed on one thing over recent weeks it’s this: more strikes are coming. Record inflation is squeezing the pay of public sector workers, whose wages have been held down for a decade. Meanwhile, government ministers are urging ‘pay restraint’ (translation: real-terms pay cuts), swimming against the tide of public opinion which

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17 June 2022

Half of all NHS staff considering leaving their job

An exclusive poll run by the #WithNHSStaff campaign has revealed huge numbers of staff may quit, and widespread concerns about how staff shortages are already affecting patient care. In the survey, more than half of respondents said they had considered leaving in the last 12 months, with one in five either actively looking or already

A handwritten sign in a window reading: 'Please be patient we are very understaffed'

23 May 2022

It’s crunch time for the NHS staffing crisis

We all know there’s a staffing crisis in the NHS. But what does that really mean? Figures published in March showed there are now 110,000 vacancies across the NHS in England. That’s about one in every 10 posts. Rising workload, stress and burnout Obviously, that makes things a lot harder for the staff who are

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1 April 2022

A letter to patients from NHS staff

Dear patients, families and friends It’s time to #GetSerious on NHS pay for all our sakes. As NHS staff, we come to work every day to look after people who need us. Right now, staff shortages are making it harder and harder for us to do our jobs well and keep patients safe. Understaffing also

24 March 2022

It’s time to #GetSerious on NHS Pay

NHS staff are due a pay rise on 1 April – but they’re facing another long wait until pay day. At a time when waiting lists and staff vacancies are at record levels, it’s a clear sign that the government aren’t serious about getting the NHS back on track. Patients are already starting to suffer

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10 March 2022

The cost of not investing in NHS staff

Holding down wages in the health service won’t halt inflation. But choosing not to pay NHS staff what they’re worth will cost every one of us.

Midwife holding newborn baby in delivery room

10 February 2022

Nothing Left to Give

What’s the reality for NHS maternity services right now? A midwife shares her story…

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9 December 2021

Running on Empty

In the Great Fuel Crisis of Autumn 2021, those queuing at the petrol pumps may have wondered who was to blame. Could anyone have seen it coming? Could anything have been done to avert it? With scenes of forecourt chaos receding in the rear-view mirror, we would do well to scan the road ahead for