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20 July 2022

What is the outcome of the NHS pay review process?

The government has announced (19 July) a flat rate pay increase of £1400 for NHS staff in England, backdated to 1st April. Those at the top of band 6 and all of band 7 will receive a slightly higher amount, equivalent to 4%.

With inflation at 9.4% in the year to June, the award equates to a real-terms pay cut for everyone. Staff shortages are hitting every role across the NHS, and further erosion of pay will only make things worse.

The cost-of-living crisis means energy bills alone will cap out at £3000 from October. Food prices have risen on average 8.5% in the year to May, and are expected to increase further. Petrol, housing and other costs are all increasing at similar rates, meaning the extra money in pay packets will be swallowed up many times over, leaving hard-working NHS staff worse off than before.