Female radiographer taking an x-ray of a patient


Tired health worker

10 March 2022

The cost of not investing in NHS staff

Holding down wages in the health service won’t halt inflation. But choosing not to pay NHS staff what they’re worth will cost every one of us.

Midwife holding newborn baby in delivery room

10 February 2022

Nothing Left to Give

What’s the reality for NHS maternity services right now? A midwife shares her story…

Tired male healthcare worker sitting with head down

9 December 2021

Running on Empty

In the Great Fuel Crisis of Autumn 2021, those queuing at the petrol pumps may have wondered who was to blame. Could anyone have seen it coming? Could anything have been done to avert it? With scenes of forecourt chaos receding in the rear-view mirror, we would do well to scan the road ahead for